FAQ - what to do

I. Order

Where and how to order the transfer?

When should you book your transport?

There is no minimum time for the standard transfers (car, van) however we do recommend you to pre-book your transfer in advance to avoid any unwanted situations.

For the special requests (limo, sporting or musical equipment) or more passengers than originally agreed then please let us know at least 24hours in advance.

What to think on?

Please indicate right amount of adults and children (including the age).

Are you not sure or have you got any special wish need something extra, please do not hesitate to contact us.

II. Arrival

Important: switch on the mobile

Please switch on your mobile phone provided in the booking form!

Airport pick up

By arrival collect your luggage and move to the arrival hall. Approximately 30 minutes after the landing time there will be driver waiting for you in the arrival hall. He will hold company logo sign in his hand and your surname on it. Please find our driver. He will assist you to the transport vehicle.

III. Payment

You can pay via bank transfer on our Czech or English account. (Please see payment options) or you can pay in cash to the driver directly. We do accept payments in CZK, EURO and USD only. Payment by CCD will be accepted soon.

IV. Extras for you

Driver Extra Service

You can exchange your money (max CZK 2.000) from our driver to make the start easier for you and to avoid any expensive rates on the airport. The driver can provide or advice you regarding the city directions as well as public transport tickets.

Exchange Office Discount

Should you need we can provide you with the VIP card and drive you to one of our co-partners exchange office in the city centre. Afterwards you can visit them whenever you want to.

V. Way back (return journey)

Book the return journey and save the money. It is cheaper to do so.

On the arrival to your destination speak to your driver and book your journey back and save the money. The driver will give you return ticket with the all information: pick up point, date, time and the sum to pay. You can pre-pay your return journey in advance or you will pay the last day on the way back to the airport, is completely up to you.

Please keep in mind: the return journey may take longer due to everyday traffic situation in Prague.

Standard journey will take approximately 30 minutes; in case of heavy traffic journey time may increase if you are not sure, please contact us or speak to your driver.

VI. Feedback

We want to hear from you

We will appreciate if you will let us know your experience with our service. We do build the customer service on top of your experience; therefore this feedback is important to us.

If you have enjoyed our service please recommend us to your friends or join us on the facebook, myspace or twitter.

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